Protect Your Digital Ecosystem

What we do.

Xtremission LLC is a full featured Value Added Reseller and Managed Services Provider serving the Eastern Tennessee and Southeastern Louisiana regions. Not only do can we sell you the hardware and software you need, but we offer turn-key configuration so it can be dropped in and operational with minimal downtime required. Additionally, with our managed systems coverage, we can perform most diagnostics remotely or guide on-site personnel through hands-on steps. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

  • General IT Consulting – Any business need for computing

  • Small Business Focused – Prepared to support all your users

  • Antimalware Management – All your endpoints will be protected
  • Disaster recovery – Support for every step of the process

  • Access from anywhere – Advanced Connectivity for Remote Workers
  • Real-time backups – Be able to undo an oops with minimal loss of productivity.


Don’t get caught developing your business into a technological dead end. Xtremission LLC can give you a technological roadmap with minimal wasted expenses for every step of the way. You don’t need to have the most powerful equipment right now, if it can be scaled up as you go.

Protect and Connect Your Entire Network
Everything you need in a single platform with Edge Threat Management.


Professional Networking and Security.
Unifi Everything.
Looking for the best business laptops and desktops for your company, no matter which industry you’re in? Want on-site, next-day warranty service? Need rapid response coverage for your servers?
Lenovo Pro for Business has got you covered.

Cutting Edge Business Support